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Wrapping Up the Year

posted May 9, 2014, 3:11 PM by Tami Evans

We are wrapping up the year.  Year end testing for our class is done for the year.  The last homework assignment for the week comes home today and is due next Friday.  It will also be our last spelling test for the year.

Science grades should be finished for the year and Math grades are only lacking the next two weeks of participation.  Math and science make up quizzes may be taken on or before Friday the 23rd.  

In language arts we've been reading mystery novels and fairy tales.  Next week we are going to start writing our own "fractured" fairy tales.

We are talking in class about steps toward making a good goal.  Students made individual goal on Thursday that they can work on for the next three weeks.  We will be using these goals as we talk in class about planning baby steps toward completing goals.  

Their goal can be anything they can accomplish on their own (without costing parental time or money) from learning a new song on an instrument, to waking up on time for a certain number of days, to finishing a book series they are enjoying.  On the 28th, at the end of our three week experiment, students who would like to share their progress toward their goal with the class may.  That can be as simple as telling us what they did or showing us in actions or pictures.  This sharing portion of the activity is NOT required.  All that is required is that students choose something to work on personally and individually and complete the planning steps while we discuss them as a class.

Talk to your student about their goal and if you are concerned with them being able to accomplish it they can change their goal up until next Wednesday.

Date Reminders:
May 20 - Field Day
May 23 - 4th Grade Stores (more information next week)
May 23 - Author's Party
May 26 - No School
May 30 - Last Day, Done at noon

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